Why we Fight, why we Write!

Why we Fight, why we Write!

Welcome to my day-by-day chronology of the Second World War, seventy years later.

The objective is to give you a daily account of what happened from the beginning of that conflict to the day it ended. It’s a long term project from someone who grew up as a tremendous fan of everything related to the Second World War.

As long as I can remember the Second World War has been a subject of my attention. From books to movies to TV Series, from childhood dreams to computer games, I’ve always been a fan of everything related to it.

Most important, this is my way to pay respect to those who fought the battles, participated in the events or simply survived the terrible ordeals of the war, with no regards to sides or ideologies. The participants, as small as their role was, shaped a new world from the ruins of the old one as we still live.
And this is also a dream come true made possible by the Internet and the tremendous potential of the modern technology. Please pardon my English as it’s not my native language.

The Road To War
How did the World came to a point of total conflict? Only 20 years after the end of the First World War, the same enemies faced each other again. Here we explain the years before the beginning of the war and why it became inevitable.

We are at WAR
The daily account of what happened in the 2078 days of the conflict, divided in theaters of operations.

Description of the weapons, tactics, resources available to the belligerent parties.

The accounts of those who influenced the course of the WAR, in the battlefield, behind de curtains or just in the day-by-day business of survival.

Where I’m getting all the information shared and how you can know more.

The best Books, Web Sites, Movies and TV Series obout the Second World War
I will be expecting your critics, ideas or participation as this is an open project. So send an e-mail or a twit, we wil reply as soon as possible!

Once again, welcome!!!


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