August 24 - 1939 The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Named after the two Foreign Ministers involved, this pact stated a Non-Aggression agreement between the Third Reich and the USSR. Both countries would not join other alliances against each other and would remain neutral if the other was to be attacked by a third party.

There were secret clauses that divided the Eastern and Central Europe into spheres of influence. USSR would have influence over Finland, Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania would stay in German areas. Poland was divided into two parts, the West to Germany and the East to the Russians.

Many defend that this was the Pact that allowed Hitler to avoid a two front war and therefore start the aggression on Poland that led to World War Two. Once again, Germany will be able to concentrate their resources against one enemy at the time. Fact is that without the peace with USSR, and possibly the alliance between Stalin and the Western Democracies, Hitler would be able to move against Poland and survive the internal pressure.

To the political agreement future and broad economic agreements allowed the Nazi Germany to survive the naval and trade blockade established by the Allies after the beginning of hostilities.

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