August 25 - Hitler delays invasion of Poland

The Fall Weiss, the Plan for the invasion of Poland, was scheduled to start on the 25th of August, right after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Hitler hoped that France and Great Britain would give up the guarantees given to Poland after the end of negotiations with Russia. Like one year before, concerning Czechoslovakia, he expected that the two democracies would show weakness again and give any possibility of war. Specially now that Soviet Union would not align with them on a two front alliance against Germany.

However the patience of France and, more important, Great Britain had run thin and this time Herr Hitler would not get away. Though France is relutant to go to war becuse of Poland, Britain is not! Chamberlain will put between the doomed Poland and Germany all the might of the British Empire. And that will not be negotiable...

Checking that reaction to the pact with USSR was very determined and by a special request from Mussolini, the German Fuhrer postponed the plan to invade Poland for one week, still hoping to avoid confrontation with the Allied Nations…


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