August 26 - What if Hitler and Stalin hadn't signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement?

When asked, Winston Churchill said that he would call World War Two the "Unnecessary War" because there were so many chances to stop it before the beginning and only the inability of France and Great Britain led to the growing menace of Hitler’s Germany.

The possibility of an Alliance between Russia, France and Great Britain, in July/August of 1939 was the last chance of stopping Hitler from attacking Poland. Germany was far better prepared for war than the Allies. However it would be unable to deal with a two front war, one against USSR and another against France and Britain. In fact, the greatest fear in September of 1939 was that France would attack Germany when almost all forces were involved in Poland.

So if USSR was to align with the Western Democracies, probably Hitler would not have the courage to advance into Poland and the Second World War would have had a different timeframe and outcome. Most probably war would have begun a year or two later, when Germany would be far more stronger…

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