The Road to War - January 1939

As we enter the year that will see the beginning of the War, general feeling is that a conflict is now inevitable. The European powers rush to gain time in a rearmament effort as the Germans grow in demands and capacity.
The speech towards Poland grows in agressivness as demands grow stronger, specially concearning Danzig.

5 - By the time that the Hewlett-Packard Company was founded, Amelia Earhart was officially declared dead.

6 – Public reports show that German physicist Otto Hann and his team had managed to achieve the Nuclear Fission. Although a breakthrough in Nuclear Physics (only achieved by the Americans much latter), Germany was not yet interested in this scientific area.

23 – “Dutch War Scare” – Top ranked German officers leak that invasion of The Netherlands is eminent s a way to acquire airbases for strategic bombing towards Great Britain.

26 - Nationalist troops loyal to Franco conquered Barcelona on the final acts of the Spanish Civil War.

27 - Hitler aproves the Plan Z wich intended to supply the Kriegsmarine of the capacity to stand against her British and French counterparts. Kriegsmarine is given the top notch in receiving the resources to reach the goal of became as good as the Royal Navy in five years.


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