August 31 - Achtung, Achtung

Hitler orders D-Day for Poland the first day of September, at 04:45.

The final diplomatic efforts came to a halt when Polish and British refuse to accept the German proposals concerning Danzig and the rights of passage between Germany and East Prussia.

The last attempts for an international summit on Poland are taken by the Italians who, warned by Hitler of the coming attack, panicked when faced with the possibility of war so soon after the signing of the Pact of Steel. But the idea is denied by Germany that feels that the time has come for confrontations (although Hitler believed that France and Britain would not go to war because of Poland)

In order to make the operation on Poland more acceptable, on this day, there is a staged attacked by supposed Polish soldiers on German military installations over the border. Obviously few believed it but it gave a "self-defense" right for Germany to declare war.

On September 1, 1939, at 04:45 the battleship Schleswig-Holstein, a survivor from World War One, will open fire on a Polish Depot in Danzig.

The World War Two has begun...

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