September 9 - Poland Resists…and the average citizen falls in!

The Polish Army of Poznan, although in severe conditions, manages to put an offensive into the left flank of General Blaskowitz' 8th Army. This movement, in a rare occasion where the Polish Air Force was able to support ground troops, stall’s further movement of this army into Warsaw.

In the West, apart from intense movement and naval units deployment all over the North Sea and North Atlantic, there are few movements. Full mobilization and organization to the coming was continues but the feared intense bombings and attacks from day one are slowly being replaced by a resolute calm and resignation to the need to move on.

More than any other conflict before, this war will demand from the average citizen courage, determination, endurance and capacity to overachieve. And this will happen on both sides. Soldiers and civilians will endure more than ever before and will see and suffer more than it would be expected, much more than the limits dreamed before.

In the end, the victory goes to the women and men that placed all they had to place, many times giving “the last full measure of devotion”: LIFE


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