September 17 - Poland is stabbed in the back...

As the resistance to the German advance becomes impossible and Warsaw is besieged, a new threat arrives… Two soviet army groups cross the border and move to West. As stipulated in the Secret Clauses of the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement, Poland was to be divided between Germany and USSR. Watching the Nazis move too fast, the Russians don’t want to fall behind and move towards West.

Caught between two fronts, what was left of the resistance crumbles into the ground. The Government flees into Roumania and forced internment. What was left of the Air Force follows the same path. Only Warsaw continues to resist...

A few days latter German and Russian troops will meet along the new Border, at Lvov and Brest-Litovsk, celebrating their recent friendship... Soon they will be fighting the worst battles of the whole war but for now, Germany and USSR are friends at the cost of Poland


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