September 1 - The Polish Battle Orders

The Polish expected a positions war like the one in 1914-18. So they have their forces positioned along the extended borders with Germany. They expected to hold the front long enough for the general mobilization (declared on the 30 of August) to enlarge the forces and for France and Britain to begin operations in the West. After the first German successes and encirclement of large forces, the plans were changed to create pockets of resistance in Warsaw and over the Romanian border. However, with the invasion from the East of the Soviet forces and with the absence of action from France and Great Britain, little hope was left for the remaining polish soldiers.

There were 39 divisions created or being created in the theater of operations. However some of these never saw action as the mobilization and training process took too long to allow their active duty.

The poles also had tanks but in fewer number than the Germans, lower quality and with a role of infantry support only.

The Polish Air Force had some good models like the PZL P.11 or the PZL.37 Lós but in a very small number. They put up a good fight and were in action until the end of the second week of war inflicting some damage to the German planes and ground forces. Many pilots then flee to the Allied nations and kept on fighting, especially in the Battle of Britain.

The Polish Navy was small and completely outnumbered by the Kriegsmarine. It had a few destroyers, submarines and minelayers. Almost all were destroyed or captured except a small force of 3 destroyers that fled to join the Royal Navy.

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