September 14 - The last Polish offensive takes place

In a surprising movement the Army of Pomorze takes the initiative and counter attacks the advancing forces of von Rundstedt. The Germans, not expecting that there were still possibilities of any Polish force be able to attack are caught red handed… Forces have to be pulled out of Warsaw and Kielce in order to face this attack in the Lowicz area. General Kutrzeba keeps the Germans occupied for five days, inflicting unexpected casualties and diverging forces that were needed to end the siege of Warsaw and the advance to East.

All over the rest of Poland, the Germans manage to maintain a steady rhythm of advance as the Polish defense and frontline forces have no way to contact the High Command.

At sea, in a daring move the submarine U-39 attempts to attack the Aircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal but is sunk by depth charges of the escorting destroyers.


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