September 1 - The German Battle Orders

Army Group North, gathering the 3rd Army and the 4th Army, commanded by General Von Bock has the following objectives:
- Conquer the corridor between Germany and East Prussia
- Drive south towards Warsaw

It’s composed by the following forces:
- 3 Panzer Divisions
- 3 Motorized Infantry Divisions
- 16 Infantry Divisions
- Several assorted brigades and support units

Army Group South, composed by the 8th, 10th and 14th armies and commanded by General von Rundstedt has the objective of move towards Warsaw in a pincer movement and destroy enemy forces around Krakow. It’s formed by the following forces:
- 4 Panzer Divisions
- 4 Motorized Infantry Divisions
- 28 Infantry Divisions
- Several assorted brigades and support units

Slovak Army was present to support the right flank of the Army Group South.

The Luftwaffe was divided into the 1st Air Fleet (supporting Army Group North) and the 4th Air Fleet (supporting Army Group South). Around 2300 airplanes were present through the operations in the following weeks

The Kriegsmarine was present with several ships providing shore bombardment and support in the Danzig harbor invasion. The first shots of the war came from the Schleswig-Holstein battleship.


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