September 8 - German troops in the outskirts of Warsaw

Several German units arrive to the outskirts of Warsaw, especially Panzer units. However the fortified city poses a different kind of struggle and the advance is stalled. At the same time the several pockets of resistance along the frontline delay the advance of the Infantry. Facing this, the German High Command orders those forces to hold the attack and wait for the slower Infantry and Artillery. The general idea is to overrun all Polish forces encircled in the rear, surround Warsaw and demand the surrender before any advance is made into the city.

Okecie’s airfield, outside Warsaw, is captured by the Germans and the Westerplatte garrison, the first unit attacked in the war, finally surrenders after days of intense bombardment.

In the West, no significant movement is made after the previous days’ operations. Slowly the understanding that Poland is lost spreads among the Allied leaders.


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