September 5 - Winston Churchill Returns!!!

After being appointed to office, Winston Churchill becomes First Lord of the Admiralty returning to a position that was quite familiar to him (he had been there in the First World War). At the same time, he also participates in the newly formed War Council.

He immediatly begins to organize the Royal Navy for the hard times ahead. Altough the German Navy is no match to her counterparts, Great Britain was unprepared for war and a lot has to be done.

All ships in the fleet receive the message: “Winston has returned!”
On this day a British Anson reconnaissance airplane mistakes 2 Royal Navy’s submarines for U-Boats and attacks, causing the first “friendly fire” casualties of the war.

Also, the first two Allied freighters are sunk by German submarines. The Bosnia is lost to the U-47 and the Royal Sceptre is torpedoed by the U-48.


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